Glad you Found us!

This page will answer any questions you may have about our Sunday service. If any arise, feel free to bring them up below.


Our building address is 3941 E. Mono Ave
Fresno, California 93702.

(Kings Canyon/Cedar)


We begin our service at 5pm every Sunday evening. 

I have kids!

No problem, we have awesome volunteers that are eager to work with kids from ages 3-6 about the love of Jesus. We more so encourage you to take your kids and worship with them at the service.

Then what?

As everyone comes in to take a seat, and we'll open with some songs. We sing because as Christians we have a lot of reasons to be thankful and lifting our voices is one way to express our thankfulness and worship of Jesus. We'll pray, which is us speaking to God. There will be a sermon, which is God communicating to us through His Bible and a prepared message from it. The first Sunday of every month, we partake in this thing called communion. It is an act that allows us to remember what Jesus did for his children on the cross(1 Corinthians 11). This will continue with some more songs to reflect on the message and give as Jesus has given for our sake. We will close the service with a few announcements and pray as a body for the new week.

New believer?

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